This privacy policy defines the way we exploit the information set forced by you during your registration. Please, notice that this privacy policy does not apply to the information you submit to any third party that is hosted by our site www.8rent.net in connection with other websites.


8Rent has the right to make any adjustments to the privacy policy at any time. Thus, we advise you to visit this page regularly so as to review the existing terms of our privacy policy.


8Rent would like to thank you for using our Site 8Rent.net, and for using our Mobile App. So, for the sake of this privacy policy, please note that “8Rent”, “we “, “our” or ”us” all point out to 8Rententity.


8Rent goal is to provide assistance to leasing companies, homeowners, co- working places, potential tenants and the other different parties that are engaged in real estate business (“Parties to Real Estate Transactions”). It helps both parties to connect with each other with no need for a third party and not to be obliged to pay any commission fees or brokerages. In order to get that service please visit our Website or download the Mobile App from here.


8Rent services presented on its Website or Mobile App are dedicated for entities involved in Real Estate Transactions, not for salespersons agents of real estate brokers. Therefore, either of them, salespersons or real estate agents, are forbidden to register for our Website or to use the Mobile App to get that service.


Please notice that using or accessing either the Site or the Mobile App will be as a clear consent on the terms of 8Rent privacy policy and you will be legally obligated to these terms with no limitations or qualifications. Thus, if these terms are not accepted for you, do not attempt to use or access the Site at the Mobile App. Any persistent attempts to use or to access the Site or the Mobile App (now or in the future) will be sign that you agreed on the privacy policy terms.


To ensure a secure online experience, we take the privacy terms in a considered manner. So, we try to be clear about regarding our transactions that is the main reason for which this Privacy policy is represented to illustrate the way we collect your information through the Site of the Mobile App, how to use, and how to disclose them.



Collected Information

8Rent collects some of your individual information for the upcoming fundamental goals:

  • To inform both of clients and contacts with the present developments, the products, and the services we present constantly.
  • To keep contact clients;
  • To supply you with information that you may need about products and services presented on our Site or Mobile App;
  • To send notifications to either clients or contacts about products, services and events as well;
  • To make our site more efficient and more helpful to ensure a better experience;
  • To manage the products and services we present properly;

As a rule, your full name and contact details are the personal data we need to collect about you. Plus, your phone and mobile number, postal and email address, business contact details and other relevant information may be included.


Data Usage


  1. A) 8Rent does not seize any data that identifies you personally; either in case of browsing the Website or just using the search function. However, the Site automatically gets and records data that includes your IP address, the pages you requested and cookie information from your browser on our server logs.


  1. b) At the moment you register with us and start to use the Website or/and the Mobile App, we start to collect any information relevant to you including your name, phone number, NRIC or FIN number, email address and mailing address. Nevertheless, the data does not include any information related to payment like billing information or number of credit card. Since any payment information submitted by you through our service cannot be processed or even stored by 8Rent.


  1. c) Once you provide us with any personal information, either by accessing the Site or using the Mobile App, we consider it as a sign of clear consent for us to collect, use and to disclose your personal information in accordance with 8Rent Privacy Policy and that shall be in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).


  1. d) Your personal information are not collected, used or disclosed to be sold, but for many various purposes:
  2. To set up your registered profile and account on the Site and the Mobile App;
  3. To ensure that a better service is provided.

iii. To make sure that you are neither a real estate agent nor a salesperson. And verify that you’re a real home owner or potential tenant.


  1. To send emails especially to your account that is essential to gain the normal processing of the service. These emails may also include one or more than one welcome email that may help to inform you and other new users about the different features of our Service;
  2. To tackle any issue that catches our attention;
  3. To promote investigations into any equivocal or illegitimate activities on the Site or the Mobile App;

vii. To contact you in case of any feedback, queries, requests or complaints;

  1. For domestic administrative and management purposes;
  2. Wherever sought for either by law, statute, regulation, acts, or any order from the government or by court jurisdiction;
  3. For the sake of other purposes for which you have already allowed us to collect your personal information;

xii. For achieving other purposes that are evenly relevant to the mentioned above.

  1. e) In order to preserve 8rent Site and Mobile App and to provide protection to the Site, Mobile App and our databases security, we may need to reveal your personal information to our agents, partners and subsidiaries who are implicated to provide the service. We will do our best so as to make sure that their parties (the agents, partners or subsidiaries) are not making use of your personal information for purposes other than the purposes for which you allowed us.
  2. f) if you have any inquiries about your personal information and you need any further illustration, contact us on our Data Protection Officer by emailing at ______

Blogs, Forums, and Other Social Media

8rent Real Estate connects with the clients through a variety of interactive platforms such as social media and forums. It is possible that any personal data shared by you on these channels may be read, used and collected by other parties whom we cannot control. Thus, 8rent shall not be responsible for any abuse or misappropriation that can occur with your personal shared in this way by other parties.

Links to third party websites may be inserted into our Website. When you access any of them you will submit to their particular privacy policy as well as the terms and conditions that may be completely different from ours. Therefore, you may need to communicate with these companies or websites to identify their own privacy policy, terms and conditions.


1.We assure you that none of your personal data that may be known for us to be disclosed for any firm, company or person- apart from what is frankly mentioned above- and that we will exert our best efforts to maintain complete secrecy for your personal data and not to attempt to exploit any of it (in any way) without your acceptance. These constraints are assumed to cease to apply to data exist in public domain, not the other one resulted from any illegal act or breach to our Privacy Policy.

2.The user takes charge of keeping his/her credentials such as login ID or Password secure, and not to reveal them to any third party. If you thought that any of your personal data has been revealed to others or has been stolen, please contact us immediately at _______. Still, 8rent is not charged for accessing any user`s account through his registration information that can be provided by the user himself or through a breach of the Policy of Use.



You are free to change your personal data and make changes through your account settings. 8rent shall not be liable for any modifications of your own personal data set in your account.


a)Since your personal data is significant for us, your account is protected by a password and you need to choose a strong password, in addition to keeping your password and your computer secured by signing out of the website after using the service. That would be the ideal way to keep your account secure against any illegal or unauthorized access to your account.

b)At due time, we mean to use the best technologies that are available for us to provide secured communication either through the Website or the Mobile App. Nevertheless, since no transmitted data over the internet can be 100% secured, we cannot ensure complete secrecy for your personal information submitted on our Website. You are the only one responsible for it. Hence, any liability regarding the security, confidentiality, integrity or authenticity of any communication or transaction made through the Website or/ and the Mobile App.

c)Since internet communication can be an easy target to be interfered by a third party, we cannot ensure (in spite of the great efforts that we exert) that our Website or Mobile App is free of any unauthorized software or viruses.

d)You have to maintain the security of your personal data, equipment and software. Hence, you shall clear the history of your internet browser, cache and cookies of the Site and the Mobile App before and after using the Service.



Please note that many hyperlinks to and from other internet websites may be inserted into our Site or Mobile App. Every single website has its own privacy policy that may be completely different from ours because our Privacy Policy applies only to our Website and Mobile App. Thus you should read the other websites` policies.

Secure Data

  1. 8Rent seeks a variety of convenient security measures such as the regular internal reviews of 8rent data collection, processing transactions, storage and other security procedures that aim at providing protection for 8rent information stored from the illegal and unauthorized access to our system. Security measures include physical security measures and suitable encryption.
  2. 8rent processes and stores the personal information obtained from or about its users in cloud everywhere in World. Generally, 8rent manages data collection, usage, transference, storage and retention in accordance with the generally accepted regulations of industry standard. So, as stated in this Privacy Policy and under applicable laws using the service is regarded as a clear authorization for us to use, collect, store, transfer and to disclose your personal data.


Use of Cookies

A cookie can be defined as a small text file that exists on every single computer and mobile deviceto collect information about users and allocate for everyone a certain matchless random number known as user identification (User ID) to make the process of understanding the user`s personal interests -through the Identified computer- easier and smoother. Nevertheless, a cookie is disabledto read data off the hard drive. So, 8rent advertisers can allocate their cookies to your browser (when the user click on their ads), a process that 8rent cannot control.


How we use cookies

We mean to use cookies for many purposes including securing, understanding, operating and supplying our Services. For instance, we use cookies:

  • To enhance your experiences, recognize how to use our Services and the way to customize them;
  • To remember your choices that may help to customize our Services for you such as language and location;
  • To rank the FAQs on our website based on popularity, understand mobile versus desktop users of our web-based Services, or understand popularity and effectiveness of certain of our web pages.

Contact & Communication

It mainly depends on the user`s estimation and choice to provide this website with his/herpersonal information such asbut not limited to;name, gender, age, email address, contact details, etc…that the website owner may request. Up till the time your data is no longer needed or no more useful, it remainsprivate and secure. We do our best to guarantee a safe formtotheprocess of email submission however, it is user`s own risk to use such a form of email submission process.


 Adverts and Sponsored Links

  1. Many sponsored links and adverts may be included on our website. A number of advertising partners are responsible for representing such links and adverts relying on their own privacy policy that is relevant to the adverts they serve in a direct way.


  1. Once you click on any of these adverts, you will be sent to the advertiser website and your referral number sent from this website will be tracked. This occurs through a referral program that uses cookies that may, in turn, be saved on your computer’s hard drive. Thus, using such sponsored exterior links is the user`s own risk and he solely – not our Website- is the only responsible for any damages or losses that may happen because of visiting any links as mentioned above here.

3.The advertisements represented on the website are chosen and transferred to you by third parties including advertisers, advertisement networks, audience segment providers and other advertisement networks. They may seek to get your personal data during your online activities either on the Site or other websites that you may visit. They attempt to define your interest to be able to transfer the advertisements convenient for your interests depending on web beacons, cookies, and other technological ways.

4.Remember that 8 rent has absolutely no access, or dominance over, the information submitted by you to any other third party.  These parties have their own privacy policy that may be different from ours. Therefore, 8rent will not talk charge of any losses or damages that may occur because of collecting your personal information or any other type of information from you by any third party.

  1. While interacting with 8rent, links and hyperlinks of third party websites may be provided or included wither by us or by the user himself. However, inserting such third party exterior sites does not absolutely mean that 8rent recommend such sites. They are managed by their own terms and conditions and by accessing such websites you –as a user- will be governed by the terms special to these sites. 8rent will accept any liability for the content, terms and conditions and privacy policy of these third party websites. We avoid making representations about the performance or the availability of any of them.



There is probability to make modifications over the terms of the Privacy Policy. All modifications will be posted on this page. we substantially recommend you to visit this page regularly so as to review the newest version of this Privacy policy.

8rent maintain its right to make any modifications and changes over the Privacy Policy with no need to post any prior notifications and your access or use to the Site or the Mobile App will be as a clear consent for the new updates. So, your access or use to either the Site or the Mobile App will be thought as a sign of clear consent to the changes relevant to the Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy has been last updated on 2/7/2018.