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4 bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai9

Dubai attracts investors, businessmen, business people and travelers around the world. This city is ideal for comfortable living and offers unlimited leisure opportunities. Many people come here to work for a long time. It is no secret that real estate in this country is very expensive, and therefore the usual practice here is to take 4 bedrooms for rent for several people. Often these are business partners, friends or employees. But it happens that people unfamiliar with each other are living in the same apartment.

In this large metropolis you can easily find accommodation that fully meets the needs and desires. These may be high-tech apartments in smart homes or modest conventional options in more remote areas. Each guest of the city will be able to choose their accommodation to their liking and financial capabilities.

Also, a 4 bedroom apartment in Dubai would be a great option if you are planning a trip with your family. The real estate market offered a lot of furnished apartments, which will be cozy and comfortable with children of any age. Take care of renting a property before you arrive in the UAE, so as not to worry about it later.

What does 8rent platform offer?

On this site you can find and rent apartments with 4 bedrooms in Dubai directly from the landlord. The smart platform was created specifically to maximally simplify the search for housing and legal registration of the transaction.

We offer the most favorable conditions and average market rental prices. at the same time, 8rent is an absolutely free platform, both for tenants and for landlords. We strive to ensure that guests stay in Dubai would be pleasant and simple, therefore, we provide the opportunity to provide for you wonderful accommodation at no extra cost. Thanks to our service, you do not have to cooperate with brokers or agents and pay them additionally.

To use the 8rent platform, you only need to register on the site (for free). Then you can book your favorite accommodation or place your property, confirming ownership.

Popular districts

The choice of housing should begin with the choice of the area. All of them are unique and have their own characteristics, together constituting an amazing metropolis of the future.

4 bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai Marina are in great demand among serious businessmen and people with incomes above average. This is one of the most prestigious areas, in which many yachts moored near the coast with a dozen skyscrapers. There are also many low-rise residential buildings, a huge shopping center, green “islands”, fitness clubs, SPA-salons, cinemas, restaurants and a saffron sandy beach. Of the downsides of living here it should be noted the noise due to the construction of new buildings, high pricing, traffic jams and parking problems.

Dubai Downtown is often compared to New York. The representatives of world corporations, financiers, businessmen and other rich people stay here. Here is one of the main attractions of Dubai - the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. Nearby there is no beach and little entertainment.

Deira is a special area on the outskirts, combining modernity and echoes of antiquity. Here the business districts of the city begin, there are many markets, developed shopping, there is inexpensive food and a charming flavor of local life. There is a free shuttle service to the city center and beaches.

Bur Dubai is one of the main business districts. This is the financial center of the city, here are the main administrative buildings. Lively colorful area without an abundance of skyscrapers.