Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions command your use of 8RentWebsite which can be reached by 8rent.net by using this Website or the Mobile Application, you completely accept these terms and conditions, which means that you accept that our services are centered on providing a platform for users to share content, comments, including photos and maybe other types of content, in addition to sharing the aforementioned material publicly and to communicate with each other. Moreover, users may search for, use, see, or share any content that you post publicly through our Service. Please read the following T&C’s carefully and If you’re partly or totally disagree with any clause of these terms and conditions, you must not use this Website or the Mobile App, as the continued access to the Website or the Mobile App (this time or in future) will be considered as an acceptance to these Terms and Conditions.

We have the right to apply changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time without any prior notification.

License to use Website

You must be at least 18 years old to use our Website. By using this Website (by dependency you agree to these terms and conditions) you represent and warrant that you are +18 years old.

All the intellectual property rights are reserved for 8Rent or/ and its licensors who own the intellectual property rights of the Website and material contained on the Website. Subject to the license terms mentioned below, you can view; download, and print pages or other content (for caching purposes only) from 8Rent Website 8rent.netand you admit that you’re aware of that is only for your own personal use, this is restricted by the limitations mentioned below and elsewhere in these terms and conditions.

Be aware that you must not;

  • Quote,Repost or republish material from this Website (including export the content owned by 8Rent from its Website to any other Website);
  • Rent, sell, or sub-license content or material from the Website;
  • Present any material or content from the Website in public;
  •  Duplicate, reproduce. copy or otherwise take advantage of any material on this Website for  commercial purposes; or
  • Modify or else edit any material on the Website.

Acceptable use

YoupledgenottousethisWebsiteinawaythatcauses, ormightcauseharmtotheWebsiteordeterioratetheaccessibilityoftheWebsite; orinanywaycharacterizedbybeing, illegal, unlawful, destructive, or fraudulent,neitheraboutanyillegal, unlawful,destructive, orfraudulent purposeoractivity.

You pledgenottouse 8RENT Website to store, copy, transmit, host, use, send, distribute or publish any material might have or is linked to any computer virus, spyware, worm, Trojan horse, rootkit, keystroke logger or any other malicious software.

You pledgenottoobtain any data from the Website through any systematic or automated data collection activities (such as scraping, data extraction, data mining or data harvesting) on this Website without 8RENT clear written permission.

You pledgenottouse this Website to transmit or send spams.

You pledgenottouse this Website for any objective related to marketing without 8RENT clear written permission.

User content

In these terms and conditions, “user content” stands for any material (such as text, images, video, audio, audio-visual material…etc.) that the user publish on this Website.

You authorize 8RENT an irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use, publish, adapt, translate, reproduce and distribute your submitted content in any present or future media.  You also authorize 8RENT the prerogative to sub-license these rights.

The user content should not be illegal, and should not violate any third party’s legal rights. Converselythe user content should not be qualified for escalation of any legal action whether against you or 8RENT or another third party in each case and under any applicable law.

8RENT has the right to remove or edit any material published on this Website, or stored on 8RENT servers.

Although the enforcement of 8RENT rights described under these terms and conditions in relation to user content, 8RENT does not undertake or promise to monitor the submission of this content to this Website.


No warranties

Our Service provided on the Site, the Mobile App is provided “as is” without any statements or warranties, neither explicit nor implicit. 8RENT makes no statements or warranties in relation to this Website or the information and materials available on this Website.

Without preconception to the generality of the abovementioned paragraph, 8RENT does not grant that:

  • This Website will be permanently available, or available at all; or
  • The information on this Website is true, complete, accurate or non-misguiding; or
  • The content on the Website or the Mobile App is free from computer viruses or other destructive, malicious or corrupting program/code

Nothing on this site or 8RENT’s Mobile App constitutes, or is meant to set up advice of any kind.

Limitations of liability

8RENT will not be liable to you in any court (neither under the law of torts,nor the law of contact, or any other law) in relation to the contents of this Website:

  • for any specific, indirect, or consequential loss; or
  • For any business losses including but not limited to; loss of income, revenue, profits or loss of contracts, reputation, business relationships, or corruption of data or information.
  • Please note that Services presented through the Website and the Mobile App are only meant for home owners and potential tenants for their own personal use. Salespersons, Real estate agents, or any other person who have the intention to use our Services for business or commercial purposes will not be allowed to register to have an account on our Website and the Mobile App.
  • Please be informed that each user is allowed to be entitled to one account only for the purpose of accessing the Website and the Mobile App. This account is personal and you cannot transfer or assign your account or any of the rights mentioned in these Terms and Conditions to any third party without our permission.
  • To be able to register for an account on the Website and the Mobile App, we will ask you to provide us with some particular information, such as; your name, home address email address, contact number and a password. Under these terms and conditions you assure that all information provided is accurate, correct and up to date.
  • You are totally responsible for the confidentiality of the username and password given to you and you shall handle ownership of all transactions and activity related to your account. In addition, you must notify us right away if you noticed any unauthorized use of your account or password or any other type of breach of security.

These limitations of liability are applicable even in the case of 8RENT has been expressly informed of the potential loss.


The Website disclaimer shall not limit or even to eliminate any warranty that law implies, it would be unlawful to limit or to eliminate any, and consecutively nothing will limit or eliminate 8rent liability regarding:

  • Death or injury caused by 8rent default;
  • Any fraudulent or deceitful misrepresentation the 8rent part;
  • And 8rent has no legal rights to limit or to eliminate, or to just try to summon to limit its liability.



The user of 8rent acceptsthat it, as a liability entity, has the ability to limit the personal liability of its employees and officers. Moreover, you agree on not bringing any claims against the 8rent officers in case of any loss that may occur on the Website.

Surely and without prejudice to the prior paragraph, you accept that the warranties` and the liability`s limitations have been set out to protect officers, employees, agents, successors, assigns, subcontractors and subsidiaries as well as 8rent.

  1. We guarantee that your information will not be rent or sold to any third party before your approval,except in cases that meetthese Terms and Conditions
  2. any part of data that may identify you will be removed directly, and other anonymised and assembled data, that will be combined with some other information in a certain way to appearnot to belong to you, then it will be re-posted.
  3. Any content or information shared by you will be available to the public, unless you exclude the public sharing of your information through the privacy setting. As soon as you share a certain content publically, it can be re-shared by others.
  4. Regarding your profile and privacy setting, any information made public by you will be available for searching by any other member of our service.
  5. You have the capacity to remove any data that has been previously post. Nevertheless, if any other third party save the data or copy it, copies will standstill viewable in archived pages.



  1. We concern about employing electronic, managerial and physical procedures in order to protect and keep away any illegal access to the user`s information. Regarding the sensitivity of the data that we collect and handle, we employed these safeguards.
  2. Weemploy these strict procedures to protect your information, so no other third  party will have easy access and there will never be any breaches to the Websiteor the Mobile App.


Information from a third party site or web applications (third party content) such as Apple Maps may be included within 8rent Website or Mobile App. 8rent is not charged with the third party content and not responsible for any damages or losses result from using such a third party content.As well,8rent is not responsible for any services, content or representations made on its Website or/and Mobile Applications. They are merely the responsibility of the Websites or the Mobile Appoperators. It is utterly your own risk to use and access such linked Websites or Mobile Apps.



  1. Once you agree to use some specific features of the service, your payments should be processed by a secure payment processor that will provide you with payment information. you choose how to make a payment either via credit or debit card (Card). Once you choose to pay by Card, you have to register a valid card that is yours. However, if the card belong to someone else, you will need to guarantee and agree that you have the permission to pay for the service by that Card.
  2. Making payment through or for the service requires an agreement represented by you for us to confirm and authorize the card details to be able to register with the service while using it. Moreover, you agree that the payment processor of the third party may grant a sensible authorization hold to confirm your payment method that will not be a de facto charge to your card. The hold may be“ pending” in your bank statement. Any unauthorized or fraudulent use of your card would be tackled by an authorization hold that is regarded as a preventive measure.
  3. Whenever we believe that the deal may be illegal, fraudulent, or even regarded as a crime in nature or believing that you are breaching the terms and the conditions of the Website, 8rent reserve its rights to hang up the processing of any deal. In that case a financial crime screening will be necessary. You hereby accept to help us in committing to the laws or the regulations of the land.
  4. It will be your own responsilblity to resolve any disputes regarding your card with the card company without any reference to us.



You acknowledge and accept the following items:

  1. Any data submitted, updated or uploaded while using the Mobile App or the Website by you is merely your own responsibility and you are responsible for any consequences results from using these sites such as losses or damage may result in any suffer from our side.
  2. You are entirely talking charge of your use and reliance on the content of either the Site or the Mobile App. Thus, we refute any issues arising from or even related to the use of the Website and/ or the Mobile App such as the damages or the losses that you may suffer from as a result of renting any property through the Mobile app.
  3. We are not responsible for whatever being posted on the Site or the Mobile App including the materials or any data related to any property.
  4. Any actions, orders, judgments, disputes, claims, demands, decrees, proceedings, costs, damages or losses and expenses of any nature whatever result from or merely related to your rental of a certain property through the Site or the Mobile App are not our responsibility.
  5. You essentially depend on your common sense, judgment and caution to evaluate the information posted on the Site or the Mobile App either by us or by the third party.
  6. We have the right to check out the materials, to edit, to reject to post, to eliminate any content, and we are entirely free to prevent you to access the Site or the Mobile App at any time and for any reason and without any notifications.
  7. The Site or the Mobile App may not be available for some time for specific reasons such as: upgrades, repairs, transmission limitations, relocations, capacity constraints and equipment modifications. Nevertheless, we will do our best to avoid the occurrence of such non availability of both the Site and the Mobile App.


  1. Any disputes results from or related to these Terms and Conditions including any arising questions concerning its validity, termination or existence shall be represented and settled by arbitration in 8rent according to the Arbitration Rules of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre which rules are assumed to be incorporated by reference to this provision. English is deemed to be the language of the arbitration.
  2. The Arbitrator`s decision shall be final and conclusive upon both of the parties. In addition, both parties bear the costs, expenses of arbitration, compensations and expenses of the Arbitrator as he determines. Both parties reserve the right to apply to any court that has jurisdiction to affirm the award or to take the needed legal actions to sue on the award. Except for the following case, any right of either party to judicial action on any matter subject to arbitration hereunder is hereby waived, except suit to enforce the arbitration award.
  3. In addition to the abovementioned arbitration provided for herein, actions maintained or initiated by either party for injunctive relief, whether prohibitory mandatory or similar relief in equity, are not subject to arbitration and shall not be brought by either party in any court which has authority. At the same time, actions may be initiated or maintained by either party where the same is relevant or necessary for such party to obtain or secure any interlocutory or interim relief; such actions are like custody, proceedings for detention, or preservation of any property.



You will have to bear any compensations for 8rent and assure to keep 8rent indemnified against any losses, damages, expenses, costs or liabilities that 8rent may be involved in, suffered from orcause of any kind of breaches to any provision of the Terms and Conditions. These compensations cover (with no limitations) any expenses being paid by 8rent to any third party so as to settle any disputes or claims depending on the advice of 8rent legal advisors.

Breaches of these terms and conditions

With no bias to 8RENT other rights included within these terms and conditions, whenever you breach any of these terms and conditions and in any way, 8RENT reserve its right to take any procedures as 8RENT believes to be appropriate to tackle the breach. These procedures include forbidding you from accessing the website, blocking computers using your IP address, conducting your internet service provider to demand blocking your access to the website or/ and bringing a court report against you.


8rent shall review the Terms and the Conditions regularly in order to apply them to the use of the website starting from the date of publishing the reviewed version of the terms and conditions of the website. Therefore, please check out this page from time to time to guarantee that you are familiar with the new versions.



8rent maintain its right to change, sub-contract, or even to deal with 8rent rights and/ or obligations under these Terms and Conditions with no need to notify you or to obtain your consent.

Notwithstanding, you are not able to change, subcontract, or to deal with your rights and/ or your obligations under these terms and conditions.

Entire agreement

The Terms and Conditions herein clearly represent the whole agreement between you and  8 rent regarding your use of the website, and replace all former agreements related to your use of the website.

Governing Law

The Terms and Conditions are constructed and governed by the law of the United Arab Emirates in DUBAI. In addition, any disputes or/ and claims regarding these Terms and Conditions will be subjected to the non- exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of DUBAI.